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Acts of Courage

A Rewarding Combination

In wheelchair:
Rhonda Louise Flood
with sister, Kharis E. Flood,
daughters of Rodney & Donna (Jones) Flood

Acts of Courage
are not always performed in such a way
as to receive honors or medals.
The act of pushing on into the public eye
when one is severely diabled

has to be faced in a daily way for that person's total life
time. Even the strongest and bravest, happiest, and most
pleasant personalities have days when they would just rather
not put up with some of the impossible circumstances involved.

The opening of a new ramp on the side of the library
was a great thrill to Rhonda, since she was not able
to have access to the building before this.
The above photograph
was in the local newspaper recording the event.

(The Ponca City News, Ponca City, Oklahoma)

Rhonda's grandmother,
Wenona Medler Flood, was an active participant in
stimulating the town's father's to bring this ramp about.
Today the disabled are being allowed to come to the place of
giving back to society. Forty years ago, when Rhonda was born,
this was not so. A disabled person often contributes to a group
simply by being present. They cause people to become more
thoughtful as to their own wellness, counting their blessings
and being thankful for what they have.

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