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~Page 6~
"The Stones Will Cry Out"

The Area Formerly
The BigEagle-Jones Ranch Site

The Owner's Daughter

one cannot enter this old house
without seeing in your mind,
Ura May,
the owners daughter.
She was also, by the way, great-granddaughter
to Chief Olohokawalla, Osage.

She was always wrapped up in the events of her family,
and she was interested in the children; that is,
when she wasn't too tied up with her own teenage activities.
Mostly, she was there only long enough for her grooming
and preparation for being out and about,
and into some of her activities.

Her room
was painted a lovely soft blue,
a color she would choose for the whole house,
after her marriage.

Her bedspread
was of a fabric that looked like embroidered silk.

Between the pillows
rested a doll that had a striking white complexion,
with porcelain head, feet and hands.
The doll's hair was coal black, and pulled back in a bun
much like the way Velma, my mother, wore her hair.
The doll was dressed in a black velvet top
on a dress of dark muted-blue taffeta moire.

Ura May's Room

In the above photograph,
the closet door is standing open,
and I thought of my cousin Ura May,
as I took this picture here in her old room.

Oh my!
How she did love nice clothes!
She was meticulous in her dress. After she wore a garment,
it would promptly be hung up, with a care that told
how she enjoyed her wardrobe.

There were dresses
that she had especially liked,
left hanging there for years
after she had moved away. One such thing
was a soft lounging robe in a black and white design,
which also had been there for many years.
Once, upon her return with her second family,
when her boys were but babies,
she wore it while she was there.
I never remember seeing it again after that.

There was a shoe rack
that hung over the inside of the closet door.
Here her shoes were carefully hung.

The most attractive part of the room,
to me, was the long wall on the West side.
Here were the beautiful pieces of art work,
executed by her friend, Dano Keys.
There was a bevy
of those sweet little pin-up girls,
with their sheer gowns and innocent eyes,
looking down and at you as you walked past them.

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