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"The Stones Will Cry Out"

The BigEagle-Jones Ranch Site

On the West side of the house
the bay windows, shown in the above photograph,
opened up to the lovely sunsets
enjoyed during the evening meals.

Those were the days before television,
and people only exchanging conversational pleasantries,
along with the wonderful meals set out,
were things that contributed to a life full and loving
for the children and the adults.

Directly inside
and across the bottom of the windows was a window bench,
and out a short distance from it, stood a long, formal table.
The table was usually always covered
with a white Damask table cloth, or one of
my grandmother Bell's, or my mother Velma's,
hand crocheted table cloths.

Across the outside
of these windows, were Rose of Sharon bushes.
Their flowering could be seen from the table
as meals were taken there.

There are two stone work-chimneys on the top of the house.
One is for the middle of the house, close to the kitchen.
The other is for the front living room and front bedroom.
These chimneys were created by Lee Otis Jones, my father,
and set in there when he was still young enough
to be able to get to the top of the roof.
They are lovely works of art yet today.

The Window Box

Inside the bay window area is the window box
shown in the above photograph.
The evening sun comes through there onto the window seat,
just as it did when I was a child and played with my dolls there.
That was the atmosphere
during the time the evening meals were enjoyed.
There were never any curtains hanging on these windows.
When one is so far out and in the middle of the prairie,
what purpose would they serve?

Lathe Ceiling

The above photograph shows
the lathe ceiling over the dining room.
As you can see, it covers a rather large area.

In the dining room,
there was once a beautiful mahogany table,
with a matching French Provincial buffet table.

On the floor
was a linoleum of the same blue as in the kitchen.
It had a yellow stripe inset into the edges of it.

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