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Articles & Short Stories
~by Donna Jones-Flood

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  • Afraid Of Our Shadows
      What began as an innocent desire to save antique family
      photographs and history became a nightmare of intimidation,
      gossip, and fear as to the contents and material written
      about numerous branches of the the author's gigantic family.
      Any one person in these thousands of descendants could and
      did feel a fear of what they dreaded might be a shadow like
      history. Those who opposed the publishing the most were the
      proudest of the book, published on the web.

  • Forever Frugal & Yeast Muffins
      There was a steady fire in the little cook stove,
      where upon set a tin of yeast muffins.
      (Story includes an actual recipe!)

  • Hens and Honey
      "You Got Some Hens, Honey?"
      Some tongue twisters are worth remembering.

  • The Red Dishes
      "Gramma's red dishes?" Collateral?
      I can't believe it," the sister was unbelieving!

  • Standing Bear Park
      "There was a time when a Ponca man and a Sioux man met,
      one would not walk away." How the Standing Bear Park
      project is meeting this challenge to work toward unity.