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Descendants of

William Stephens Jones

Mary Ann (Riggins-DeWitt) Jones

William & Mary (Riggins) Jones

William Stephens Jones
son of
William Henry "Beaver" & Rhoda (Halloway) Jones
b: 22 Dec 1865 AL
d: 20 Dec 1891 Bartlesville, OK
buried: Hennesey, OK
m: Mary Ann Riggins-DeWitt
b: 17 Dec 1865 TN
d: Aug 1891 Bartlesville, OK

The Barbee Family
Mary Lou's brother, Benjamin Gray "Ben" Barbee, was a
United States Marshall during a time that keeping the peace
between a variety of people from all races on the Oklahoma
scene then, required a master in public relations and diplomacy!
The Barbee family was honored by Phillips Oil Company,
Bartlesville, OK, in the 1983 issue of their quarterly magazine,
"The Shield," on Phillips' 66th year, in a six-page coverage,
entitled, "The Grand Old Family." Under the photograph of
Benjamin and his wife, Ella (Lively) Barbee,
the writer quoted Winston Churchill, with the question:
"Where does the family start?
It starts with a young man falling in love with a girl.
No superior alternative has yet been found."
Lineage info on
William Mark Barbee
son to Ben & Ella (Lively) Barbee
  • William Mark Barbee
    b: 06 Jun 1894 rural Dallas, TX
    b: 26 Jan 1895 rural Peora, Indian Territory
    d: 1993 Bartlesville, OK
    • (1) Pauline E. Barbee
      m: John Topper
    • (2) Katherine E. Barbee
      m: Harry Erikson
    • (3) Grace L. Barbee
      m: Joe Billam
    • (4) M. Lewillis Barbee
      m: Nadine Sullivan
    • (5) Carl W. Barbee
      m: Josephine Wolf
    • (6) Laveda R. Barbee
      m: John Tarrant
    • (7) Grover D. Barbee
      m: Charlene Gay
    • (8) Connie Ann Barbee
      m: Stanley Allen
    • (9) Kirby D. Barbee
      m: Shirley Hunt
    • (10) Aloise J. Barbee
      m: Kenneth Root
    • (11) Jerrie Lee Barbee
      m: Larry Sandlin

William's & Mary Ann's
List of Descendants

Billy & MaryLou (Barbee) Jones
and baby Lon Jones

Joe Herbert Jones

Belle (Collins) Jones
For detailed highlights
about the publication,
"Bellzona's Picture Book"
clickon Belle's picture.

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